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Anonymous Asked: What drew you to Jenna the most?

To me Jenna was definition of a ‘Bad Girl.’ All Jenna wanted to do during her time in the house was party, drink, and have a good time. I don’t know why the girls hated on her for that, but when the girls attacked Jenna she didn’t run. Jenna held her own and went four against one and when she got up, she wanted more and didn’t back out. She didnt need anyone on her corner, I was a bit upset when se decided to leave, but then again if I was in her shoes I would as well. Being around people that do nothing but bitch gets annoying. I’m excited to see her at the reunion (:

  1. lcllcllcllcllcllcl said: Totally agree. We had some weaksauce all over the house this season!
  2. rogerdanny posted this
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